This is a true story
about our creative agency

we are not only give you an idea
but we visualize the needs dreams and we help to create to make it real because your wish is my command.

Create experiences that Delight,
Strengthen, Connections and
Grow everyone business.



About OOTB-Media

OOTB-Media is a multimedia company specialising in PROJECTION MAPPING, DIGITAL CONTENT MARKETING, motion graphics and film. With over a decade of experience in this industry working with headline client such as walt disney, marvel studio, martell, and many more.

We design your brand message into an innovative creative content. We served clients with attention, trust and passion from conceptualized vision towards production to achieve optimal output. We consumes excitement in every single project, transformes every original idea into phenomenal display.

OOTB-MEDIA is projecting the future of VIDEO PRODUCTION, motion graphic design and computerized visual art and stands for being the best companion for all ingenious artist. We are in the side of the learner and willing to be part of educational struggle in Indonesia’s Motion Design & Art Industry.